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Paul Ezekiel Baldueza. Whitehaven, Cumbria. Not specific blog, just whatever.
who is prettier/nicer/hotterr ???

who is prettier/nicer/hotterr ???

11 notes
  1. some-w-h-e-r-e answered: SELENA
  2. itssofreshh answered: both are nice but for me the most friendly and beautiful it is Miley.
  3. dearryka answered: miley
  4. kimmylikesit answered: selena gomez of course
  5. enolareverof answered: Selena, hands down.
  6. sleepyyeyes-bonyknees answered: Miley no doubt
  7. found--alaska answered: MILEY!
  8. bangerzhs answered: miley !!!!!!11
  9. antagonnist answered: Miley
  10. l0vedose answered: miley
  11. three-little-birdds posted this